Water System Upgrade

November 2013: The work required to bring the new treatment plant on-line has been completed and the old (leaking) Lautman water tank is now empty and has been taken out of service.
Water quality from the new plant has been described as “excellent” although some have commented that the level of chlorine in the water is still sometimes too high.  The operators of the plant are aware of the comments and believe when the pipework is flushed through in 2014 as part of the regular maintenance process, the cleaner pipes will allow the chlorine levels to be reduced.

The section below is being kept on the site as a record of the plans as they were prior to work starting in 2012

Below are three sketch schematic plans prepared by Jim Sharp showing 1)  The system as it is;  2) The interim plan, with the treatment plant completed, the new tank on Sky Valley Road in use and the Lautman tank de-commissioned; and  3)  The full upgrade as detailed by the CRD.

We would emphasise that the sketches are our interpretation of the CRD’s intentions, they haven’t commented on them or approved them.

Schematic of the Beddis Water system February 2012

Beddis Water System – first phase to remove Lautman Tank from service

Beddis Water System- upgrade completed

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